Facility Management

Facility Management

Timings     :    Friday 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Duration   :    10 Weeks
Fee            :    QAR 500.00
Uniform    :    QAR 30.00


Course Overview

The facilities management (FM) function, which includes space, infrastructure, people, and organizations continues to evolve along with the range of responsibilities and the methods employed to deliver services.

Facilities management professionals are generally responsible for delivering, preserving, and maintaining the services and plans for FM operations, including property strategy, space management and communications infrastructure to administration, building maintenance, and contract management.

This training program discusses essential elements like how to continually improve your facility department to get the best out of the facilities within the given limitations of costs, performance, and other important factors. It also identifies the practical problems encountered on the ground and offers real solutions. Overall, this course has been designed in a holistic manner to manage facility staff and corporate assets while minimizing risk exposure in the workplace.

What elements does this “Facilities Management and Maintenance Certification Course” contain? This training program will discuss key topics like the basic principles of facilities management, how to apply best practices according to international standards, understanding how to operate and maintain the facilities unit, sharing facilities management experience, and insights regarding the current state of facilities management processes and opportunities to improve them.

This training course will empower facility management professionals, facility managers and management professionals with in-depth knowledge in the design and management of facilities from conception to installation.

Course Objective

Upon completing this Facilities Management and Maintenance Certification Course successfully, participants will be able to:

    • Understand service delivery and performance management
    • Expand your skills and knowledge of all topics relating to facilities management Get an update on current best practice in facilities management
    • Gain a deeper awareness of the various contexts in which the facilities management function operates
    • Appreciate the role of project management in the context of Facility Management Appreciate the importance and benefits of good project management Understand sustainability in the context of Facility Management
    • Evaluate outsourcing key Facility Management operations to third party organisations
    • Increase your awareness of health and safety compliance issues, risk management and business continuity plans



23 February 2022


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