English Language (Intermediate)

automotiveTimings : Monday/Wednesday 05:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Duration : 10 Weeks
Fee : QAR 1,500

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English language is and has always been one of the most popular languages spoken, written and followed all over the globe. No matter in which part of the world you choose to go, command over this language enables you to communicate with others regardless of what their national language would be...

Therefore, it becomes not only important but compulsory to master this art and implement it in the real life.

This course is designed to clear concepts, renew basics & to professionally prepare you for real life communication at all levels.

Course Outline 

Level 1 – Beginning

  • Very limited English vocabulary
  • Single word and short phrase utterances
  • Pronunciation difficulty, may be unintelligible
  • Non-verbal signals, gestures

Lacks knowledge of English grammar to connect ideas and speak in sentences

 Level 2 – Intermediate

  • Able to express simple, original messages
  • Basic vocabulary sufficient for communication about familiar objects and concepts
  • Complete but simple, "undecorated" sentences
  • May hesitate frequently to think about how to communicate desired meaning
  • Emerging awareness of English grammar
  • Pronunciation easier; non-native English "accent" may persist in older students
  • Understands, follows, and gives simple directions

 Level 3 – Advanced

  • Ability to speak using grade-appropriate English
  • Able to participate comfortably in most conversations and academic discussions
  • Wider range of basic and academic vocabulary
  • Varied and expanded sentences (modifiers, prepositional phrases, clauses)
  • Basic ability to narrate and describe in present, past, and future tenses
  • Ability to write essays according to specified genres
  • Some errors when using complex grammar structures, long sentences, and less familiar words and expressions
  • Understands, follows, and gives multiple-step directions

 Level 4 – Advanced High

  • Ability to speak using grade-appropriate English in academic and social settings
  • Wider range of basic and academic vocabulary, used precisely
  • Communicate effectively using abstract and content-based vocabulary during classroom instructional tasks
  • Fluent use of English grammar
  • Ability to write essays according to specified genres with native-like fluency
  • Gives precise multiple-step directions


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