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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

All praise is due to Allaah. May Allaah’s peace and blessings be upon His Messenger Muhammad, his companions, his family and his followers until the day of resurrection.

The Arabic alphabet is the principal script used for writing the Arabic language. It is the alphabet of the language of the Quran, the Holy Book of Islam. The alphabet's influence spread with that of Islam and it has been, and still is, used to write other languages without any linguistic roots in Arabic, such as Persian and Urdu.

Arabic language is divided into three separate groups; Classic Arabic, Modern Arabic and Colloquial Arabic.

Classical Arabic is principally defined as the Arabic used in the Qur-aan and in the earliest literature from the Arabian Peninsula, but also forms the core of much literature up until our time.

Modern Standard Arabic is a modernization of the structures of classical Arabic, and includes words for modern phenomenon as well as a rich addition from

the many dialects spoken all over the Arabic world.

Spoken Arabic is a mixed form, which has many variations, and often a dominating influence from local languages.

Differences between the various variants of spoken Arabic can be large enough to make them incomprehensible to one another. Hence it could be correct to refer to the different versions as separate languages named according to their areas, like Moroccan, Cairo Arabic, North Syrian Arabic etc.

The reading of Qur-aan is a prime importance to a Muslim. Qur-aan was revealed in Arabic language and it should be also be read in Arabic only, because the actual meaning of Qur-aan in Arabic can not be expressed in the translation in any language.

 The beginning of this book introduces the Arabic Alphabet. It is divided into twenty (20) lessons. In this book, an easy approach has been presented to learn writing and reading Arabic in a very simple way. Through step by step lessons, all the necessary points are such explained that one can easily understand, read and write Arabic to earn the ability of speaking Arabic with its correct pronunciation.

This book is written specially for non-Arabic speaking who are interested to learn Arabic language on their own, without the help of any teacher.

We hope that Allah will make our efforts successful and bless all of us abundantly. Ameen.

Lesson 1 - Arabic Alphabet
Lesson 2 - Phonetics
Lesson 3
      • Arabic Vowels (Harakaat/Tashkeel)
      • Short Vowel
      • Fathah Vowels Review
      • Kasrah Vowel Review 
      • Dhammah Vowel Review
      • Short Vowels Review
      • Read and Spell
      • Practice of Reading
Lesson 4 - Long Vowels
Lesson 5 - Sukoon
Lesson 6 - Tanween
Lesson 7 - Shaddah
Lesson 8 - Changing Shapes of the Arabic Alphabet
Lesson 9
      • Way of Connecting Letters
      • Non Connector Letters
      • Practicing Connecting Letters and Reading

Lesson 10 - Read and Write the following Words
Lesson 11
      • Huroof Qamariyyah and Huroof Shamsiyyah
      • Word Meaning
Lesson 12
      • Parts of time
      • Gregorian Months
      • Arabic Months
      • Four session
      • Days in the Week
Lesson 13 - Study
Lesson 14 - Introduction
Lesson 15 - My Country Qatar 
Lesson 16 - Introduction  
Lesson 17 - Dialogue
Lesson 18 - Name of Numbers
Lesson 19 - Dialogue between Khaalid and Khaleel
Lesson 20 - Dialogue between Maryam and Zaynab


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