CCTV Technology

automotiveTimings : Friday 2:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Duration : 10 Weeks
Fee : QAR 500.00
Uniform : QAR 30.00

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  • Introduction
  • CCTV Definitions and Meaning
    • CCTV definitions and meaning
    • Types and model of CCTV Camera
  • CCTV Project installations
    • CCTV Complete Papers for installations
    • Installation,Commissioning and Maintenance
  • CCTV Electrical wiring and Flow chart
    • Eletrical wiring procedure
    • DVR & NVR Cable using and set up
    • Selections of cameras to be used
  • CCTV Types of Recording Device and Operations
    • DVR Meaning and explanations
    • NVR Meaning and difference between DVR & NVR
  • CCTV DVR & NVR Installations,Explanations and Classifications of Cameras
    • NVR and DVR Cables and IP –Ethernet cables and explanations
    • DVR and NVR functions and capturing images footage
    • Difference between PoE NVR and PoE Switches
  • CCTV Different Types of Cameras compatible to NVR and DVR Channel
    • NVR Cameras compatible to use Wi-Fi,Ethernet cable and Fiber optic cable
    • NVR Cameras use for Wireless Surveillance system and have storage 6TB HDD
    • DVR Cameras use Wired installations and storage capacity of 1 TB HDD.
    • DVR Cameras and DVR systems are analog functions and wired system format
  • Different types of cameras
    • Surveillance camera,security and night vision
    • Infrared,Wi Fi,PoE and car cameras
    • Cameras setting and network PTZ Wi Fi IP connections
  • CCTV system preventive maintenance
    • Cleaning a cameras lens and focus sensor
    • Checking of network cable and connections
    • Arrange power cable and clean aluminum metal case
  • Handwritten exam and actual setting of CCTV Camera
    • CCTV camera setting locations and proper capturing images
    • DVR and NVR set up and test to Wi Fi operations
    • Checking and focusing a CCTV camera and testing for day and night vision footage
  • Final CCTV camera trade test and actual set up of all cameras
    • Actual and demonstrate how to do a preventive maintenance and set up of all cameras footage
    • Identify,mark and check the position of all types of cameras either dome camera,
      C type camera,Wi Fi camera,infrared camera and day and night vision cameras.

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