Dressmaking and Design

automotiveTimings : Friday 2:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Duration : 10 Weeks
Fee : QAR 800.00
Uniform : QAR 200.00

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Dressmaking and designs are a practical course that can be learn and practice by following the systematic steps on how to sew a dress. From zero knowledge in sewing and designing will be accepted in my class. Even all the people who wants to create dresses for their own or for business purpose.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the lesson the trainees will be able to:

  1. To be familiar on how to use the tools and equipment in dressmaking.
  2. To know the parts of sewing machine.
  3. Take body measurements.
  4. Make foundation patterns for body, sleeve, and skirt.
  5. Layout patterns to fabric correctly.
  6. Make pajamas of sleeping wear.
  7. Familiar on all kinds of collars and sleeve.
  8. Make children dress.
  9. Make ladies pants.

Face-to-Face: To obtain an understanding of basic concepts that are required to undertake further study (Elaborated lectures/ discussion and activities for each module will be given.
Self-Directed Learning (e.g. They can watch different vlogs on you tube o buy a book that can help to them understand more about the course.)

The evaluation should be done as following: 
1. Assessments: Checking of trainees work during application process.
      • After finishing each module, trainees should undertake assessment. The trainer should monitor the trainees progress through giving practical exams about the modules learned. 
2. Final exam: The trainees will make their own dress according to the project by the trainer.
 Practical exam will be graded by criteria.  
 Speed ---------------25% Time, how fast they will finish the dress.
Cleanliness---------25% Appearance of marking or any dirt will be deducted. Straight line sewing.
Proportion---------25% The size and the measurement of the body parts.
Accuracy-------------25% The material used.

  1. Attendance and Attitude 10%
  2. Participation 20%
  3. Midterm 30%
  4. Finals 40%
  5. Total of 100%


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