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Cosmetology is the study of the proper way to care for a client’s skin, hair, and beautification. Cosmetologists must master a range of skills, regardless of their specialization or where they choose to work. These include proper makeup application and hairstyling techniques, skincare basics, and sanitation techniques, which will be covered on these studies. Studying cosmetology ensures that you have all the necessary skills to develop a successful career. This is an industry that requires a great deal of skill and artistry, and the more you can practice and prepare beforehand, the better you’ll be.


Upon completion of the course of training and all course requirements, the determined graduate will be able to:

  1. Be well knowledge in the field of Cosmetology.
  2. Perform in both theory and practical experience, providing information in all phases of Cosmetology.
  3. Learn new and current information related to techniques, trends, fashions, and methods for career development in cosmetology and related fields.
  4. Provide clients with information about what styles and colors are best for them based on their hair's texture, condition, color, and their complexion.
  5. Perform Full Hair and Make-Up in any kind of special events.
  6. Perform basic analytical skills to be able to advise clients on total look concepts.
  7. Use cosmetics to enhance or change a client or performer's appearance
  8. Perform skills in the areas of hair cutting, hair styling, hair coloring, skin care, and make-up application.

  1. People skills: An ability to interact well with others, and to be pleasant and friendly even under trying circumstances, can be invaluable
  2. Think outside the box: Creativity and a willingness to adapt to new trends can be important.
  3. Be a good listener: People like to talk about themselves when they have time on their hands, such as when they're sitting still while you tend to them. You'll want to be able to provide appropriate feedback.
  4. Physical stamina: You'll spend a lot of time on your feet.
  5. Tidiness: This doesn't mean just your workstation. Personal tidiness is very important as well. Remember, you're an example of your own work.


Face-to-Face: to obtain an understanding of basic concepts that are required to undertake further study (Lectures/ discussion and activities for each Topic will be prepared).

Students will be able to:

  1. Participate and raise concern during the discussion.
  2. Get an actual demonstration of each subject that will be cover.
  3. Engage with co-student and build rapport as if they are dealing with clients.
  4. Communicate in a careful and respectful manner with instructors, peers, and other members of the program.
  5. Widen once knowledge, by sharing each skill and creativeness to co-student and instructor.
  6. Demonstrate and present their actual work, to help build self-confidence.
  7. Respect diverse ideas and opinions. Identify, develop, and implement a plan to achieve their educational goals.


The evaluation should be done as following:

  1. Discussion and Activities Assessment:
    • In each discussion will get to know the idea of each student and see how creative they can be, this will assess the willingness of the student to learn and gain the skills needed for this profession.
    • Student will have an actual demonstration of their work, and this will be assessed and graded based on their creativity, innovativeness, familiarity with products, tools and proper handling, that will be covered during discussion.
  1. Final Assessment: Full Hair Glam, will be graded at the end of each term.

  1. Attendance and Attitude 10%
  2. Activities 30%
  3. Discussion Assessments 20%
  4. Final Examination 40%
  5. Total Passing Score for the Course is 80%
Marking for Cosmetology:
      1. Assessment for Cosmetology 2 will be defined by the instructor.
      2. Passing score for Cosmetology is 80%.

Note: upon completing course requirement, students will receive certificate of program completion and/or graduation certificate.

Final Assessment for Cosmetology:

Final Assessment for Cosmetology: Each Student will be given (1) Hour each to do the Hair Style of their chosen  partner, and explain in what event this suits, and why chose to have that kind of Hair Style.





Total Credit Hours


Hair Overview, Hair Disease and Condition, Taking Care of Hair. Hair Care


3 hours


History of Hair Cutting, Hair Cut, Hair Trends, Tools in Hair Cutting, Understanding Hair Cut based on Face Shape.


3 hours


Application of Hair Color, Bayage/Ombre Hair Coloring, Hair Highlights, Application and Tools.


3 hours


Hair Blow Drying, Hair Ironing, Hair Straightening, Tips on Beautifying one’s hair.


3 hours


Hair Curler, Different Tools in Hair Curling, Hair Volume, Tips on Beautifying one’s hair


3 hours


Demonstration on Hair Blow Drying, Hair Ironing and Curling.

Students will do their Hair Style, either straight or curl.


3 hours


Different Hairstyle in different occasion. Tools to use in Hairstyling. Tips on making event Hair look fresh.


3 hours


Demonstration Simple Hair Style and Special Event Hair Style.

Students will do a simple hairstyle for her co-students.


3 hours


Additional Tips on Hair Styling,

Hair Accessories, Hair Dress, Hair Extension.

Demonstration on Wedding Hair Style.


3 hours


For the Final Grading, Student will do their colleagues Hair Style with Hair Accessories. (For Wedding)


3 hours


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