Welcome to Philippine International Institute

An institution well-known for its top-quality programs and services catering to a diverse group of learners that promotes international best practices and believes that “THE FUTURE BEGINS HERE”. Outlining its reputation for shaping individuals to uphold and support their passion for developing communities and creating positive change.

With the growing community of passionate learners and graduates, many have undertaken to serve their fellowmen and other nationalities driven by the same purpose of community development and empowerment. These customs of excellence will continue through the achievements and leadership of the PIIQ Management.

PIIQ offers a range of options from basic, intermediate and advanced education levels that are designed to provide intensive training to help the students to advance their career, update their skills and knowledge to the community that they serve.
Short courses are designed to impart skills and knowledge in the shortest possible time ever. Courses range in duration from intensive 3-6 months period of academic, Diploma and other Degree programs.

With PIIQ internationalization of its courses and programs, the higher management intends to intensify its mission and services to meet the global demands of institutions across sectors here and abroad.

Annaliza Diet

Ms. Annaliza Diet
Philippine International Institute


Our Vision


Philippine International Institute – Qatar aims to envision to become the leading excellent training institution in the country by achieving a sustainable and consistent growth by providing global clients broad knowledge, skills and develop the desired attitude through preferred programs that enable superior quality of service, support professional qualification, uphold high standard of competence, provide advanced corporate appeal and value that benefits the community and relevant institutions.

Our Mission


Philippine International Institute – Qatar connects diverse students, regardless of their background, to professionals, experts, academic and business organizations, to achieve a high level of professional growth and career development in their chosen fields of discipline that are relevant to the community and the organizations they represent. Likewise, to provide a cost-effective quality education to local, regional, and international clients, who would want to enhance their knowledge, skills, and competencies helping them progress professionally through a quality teaching-and learning environment thereby acquiring broad range of experiences effectively contributing to socio-cultural and national development.

Our Partners